All people entering the Berrima District PC ground must adhere to the conditions of entry, work health and safety legislation and the PCA NSW Risk Management Policy.

To acknowledge that you have read these conditions, all new and existing members, and parents/guardians, must complete a BDPC Member Induction Form 2017 with their 2017 membership application/renewal.

1. Authorised Access: Access to any area or the use of plant and equipment without authorisation is prohibited.

2. Site Speed Limit: To reduce the risk to members, volunteers, parents and spectators a site speed limit of 10km/hr exists. All normal road rules apply within Pony Club grounds and drivers should stay alert when travelling around the site for pedestrians, horses, moving vehicles or equipment.

3. Hazards/Incident Reporting: Any identified hazard or incidents that occur on-site are to be reported to the Club Safety Officer or Club President.

4. Manual Handling: Picking up and packing away the jump equipment etc. is one of the potential causes of injury. Plan your lift or use mechanical aids where possible. Ask for assistance if a task is outside of your capabilities.

5. Slips, Trips and Falls: Keep areas tidy and free from rubbish and watch for greasy, uneven or wet surfaces.

6. Weather Exposure: Watch for changes in weather and ensure that you are using sunscreen, sunglasses and appropriate clothing when working outdoors. Take regular breaks and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

7. Aggression/Violence: Violence, aggression and/or bullying are unacceptable behaviours. PCA NSW has a zero tolerance to these behaviours, please see Associations policies. Should a threatening situation occur contact your Club or Zone MPIO.

8. Chemical Management: Hazardous substances, Chemicals and Dangerous Goods are not permitted on the grounds without prior approval from the Club Safety Officer or Committee. 9. Gas Storage: All gas on-site is to be stored correctly.

10. Animals: Dogs off leash are not permitted on-site. When travelling on-site be mindful of where horses may be present.

11. Stress and Fatigue: Club Safety Officers and Committee must consult with members and volunteers to ensure that stress and fatigue doesn’t create an unsafe environment.

12. Drugs and Alcohol: Pony Club has an alcohol policy which may be found on the Associations website or obtained via your Club contact person. Illegal drug use is not permitted and will be reported to Police if identified.

13. Electricity: Do not use damaged electrical items and equipment, check before use. All electrical equipment is required to have a current ‘test tag’. Electrical leads on the ground may become a trip hazard.

14. Sharps and Biological Hazards: Do not pick up syringes, bloody items of clothing or other hazardous materials. Report the situation to your Safety Officer or Committee members immediately and keep people away from the hazard.

15. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): PPE is the least effective risk control and should be the last resort. Do not use PPE unless you are fully trained in its use, storage and maintenance.

16. Emergency Management: Please check with your Club on emergency and evacuation procedures.

17. Horse free areas are available for visitor car parking – please use them.