We have some exciting plans in the pipeline for 2017. These not only include developments to the Club grounds ie the water jump, wash bay and the purchase of new equipment but also some great initiatives for the rally days.

Firstly we are introducing Club Championship days. These will be in-Club mini gymkhana competition days – hopefully with a dressage test in there as well. Riders will be awarded points (not ribbons) for their placings. These points will be collated at the end of the year and help us decide on the annual awards (especially the flatwork/hacking, dressage, jumping and sporting awards). Points will be collated for the rider throughout the year (not the horse and rider combination). This means that you are able to ride a different horse at the Championship days and not be disadvantaged.

The proposed dates for our Club Championships are:
Sunday 2 April – cancelled due to wet weather
Sunday 21 May – cancelled due to wet weather
Sunday 15 October

We hope by holding such days it will also help members who haven’t competed at a gymkhana before to find out what its all about before heading away for another Club’s gymkhana. Although points will be awarded, we will be there to help the inexperienced families get through the day.

We are also hoping to get some guest instructors throughout the year. Farm Club Australia at Werai has very kindly offered to have us there for a trail ride (date to be confirmed). The idea of a camp in the September holidays has also been thrown around (we need to get parent commitment for this as camps are very labour intensive!).

Shan Hawkins would love to get riders interested in the mounted games (something a lot of us don’t know much about!). Tony James is keen to get riders interested in competing at the 2018 Canberra and Sydney Royals for pairs and team of four events. Berrima has a very solid track record in these events (no pressure!!!)…so the earlier we start the better we’ll be.

Rally day attendance will also be carefully documented. You will receive 1 point per rally day which will be added to your overall point score at the end of the year. Points will only be awarded to those who RSVP prior to the rally day and attend for the full day. No RSVP no point even if you turn up on the day.

RSVP to this Sunday’s rally day here:

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Upcoming Events:
26 March – Area One Triathlon, Camden Swim-Run-Show Jump – entries close 8 March via me (entry form attached)
2 April – Club Championship
9 April – The Oaks Gymkhana
23 April – Robertson Gymkhana
7 May – Opening of the Olivia Inglis Memorial Water Jump
14 May – BDPC Derby Day
21 May – Club Championship
28 May – Loopline ODE at Silver Hills
So get these dates in your diaries!

And finally…a BIG congratulations to Alexandra Berle and Holly Howard for their second place at Canberra Royal for the pair of riders under 13 years – a fantastic effort, well done girls!