In 2017 BDPC held two successful competitions:
Derby Day – May
Tulip Time Gymkhana – November
Berrima riders arrived in their masses and were very competitive in all both competitions.


Derby Day
D Grade – Bronte Holcombe and Grace Howard
C Grade – Chloe Garcia
B Grade – Emily Baldwin

Tulip Time
Cherry Ripe – Kalea Talman
Under 9s – Champion Erin Brown & Res Champion Sebastian Smith
9-11 – Champion Abbey Holcombe & Res Champion Claudia Smith
13-15 – Res Champion Georgie Cochrane
15-17 – Champion Charlize Kerr


Canberra Royal
Holly Howard and Alexandra Berle

Sydney Royal
Grace Howard – TO4 under 13 years – 3rd
Courtney Knight
Rupert Douglass – Area 1 Showjumping – 1st and Champion Boy Rider

State Championships

Claudia Smith – Champion under 11yrs

Area One Show Jumping / RAS Selection 2018

A Grade – Champions
Charlize Kerr, Emily Baldwin and Anneliese Wansey – all selected for the Area 1 Show Jumping team at the 2018 Sydney Royal.

C Grade – Champions
Sophie Baldwin, Bronte and Abbey Holcombe and Georgie Cochrane

Greg Powell
Imti Aneezs
Peter Gillis
Danielle Beattie
Simon Kale / Olivia Lalak

Olivia Inglis Memorial Water Jump Opening
The opening of the Olivia Inglis Memorial Water Jump was a huge success with a great number of members, EA representatives and Zone representatives in attendance. We had a huge morning of riding followed by lunch and then the opening.

Again this year we had in excess of 100 riding and non-riding members. We even had new people joining in the last quarter of the year.

Everyone has been absolutely fantastic with helping out this year and I am so grateful. Whether it was helping on rally days, working bees or at our events it was so good seeing all families buck in and help. THANK YOU!

Outstanding Service and Recognition Awards
Long overdue awards were presented to at the End of Year Presentation for their amazing contribution to our Club:

Richard and Amanda Burrells
Tony James
Shan Hawkins

All have been part of BDPC starting with when their children were members and now they continue to give their time and energy helping us make the Club so strong and active.

Bring on a fantastic 2018!