Club Information


We are currently accepting new members. If you wish to join please contact us via email –

1. Club Information:

Contact Names and Numbers: Refer to the Contact page of the website
Postal Address: PO Box 161, Bowral 2576
Club Grounds: BDPC Grounds, Moss Vale Road, Burradoo

2. Pony Club Structure

Pony Club NSW divides clubs into Zones. A number of Zones join together to form an Area. Our pony club is part of Zone 10, which is part of Area [YY].
In Zone 10 there are 8 pony clubs. They include Berrima District, Bundanoon, Cobbity, Loop Line, Moss Vale, Robertson, The Oaks & Wollondilly. Both the Club and the Zone have a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chief Instructor.

3. 2017 Fees
Junior Member $ 150.00 Parent / Guardian Member $ 100.00
Associate Member $ 150.00 New Member Fee (per family) $ 50.00

This fee includes the Pony Club NSW affiliation and insurance fees. Berrima District Pony Club requires all Riding members under 17 years to join with a parent / guardian as a member. This parent/guardian must be on the grounds at all times when the junior members are in attendance. Voting right is one vote each per associate (17 years & above) and Senior financial members.

Other Fees:
Voluntary Capital Works Levy

4. Uniform:

Competition Uniform (Formal Uniform):

  • Fawn jodhpurs – available at Saddleries
  • White long-sleeved shirt (not polo shirt) – available from any Shop
  • Red tie – available from the Club
  • Red woolen jumper – available from a shop or Club
  • Club saddle cloth – available from the Club]

Rally Uniform (Informal Uniform):

Same as competition, except Polo shirt maybe substituted for Long-sleeved shirt and tie.

What to wear when?

  • Rally days: Informal uniform. A red polo shirt may be worn.
  • Gymkhanas: Formal uniform
  • Zone Competitions: Formal uniform
  • State competition: Zone uniform
  • Regional Schools: Formal uniform
  • You may be able to get some items second hand through the club.
5. Rally Days

a) When are they held?
Pony Club rally days are held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, even through most school holidays (except Christmas holidays).
b) Who Can Come to Rally Day:
You must be a financial member of the Pony Club Association of NSW. A responsible adult must accompany each child Rally Day. Only Pony Club riding members are permitted to ride at rallies (senior riding members over 25 years, are only permitted to ride with the Chief instructors approval for instruction or demonstration only). Riders are also not permitted to ride others members’ horses at the rally without the permission of the horse owners, parents and chief instructor.
c) Times:
10:00 am – 3:30 pm (approximately)
d) How The Day Runs:
Generally 2 sessions are held in the morning with a break for Lunch around 1:00pm. There is one session after lunch. These are indicative times and can vary on the day.

All parents and riders assist with packing up equipment, show jumps etc, at conclusion of rally BEFORE leaving the ground.

Note at all times you stay with your allocated group and walk your horse between lessons.
e) What happens on a Rally day?:
There are lots of different activities that you may participate in at rally day including showjumping, dressage, cross country, troop drill, mounted games, sporting, polocrosse, horse care and theory.

  • Riders must present themselves for gear check at 10:00am in troop lines in front of the clubhouse.
  • All riders must remain unmounted until gear checked by a club official and advised to mount. If you ride to pony club you must dismount as soon as you arrive.
  • When all riders have been checked, they will be organised into groups for their first session.
  • Size and composition of groups depends on many factors including – which members are present, which instructors are available, what activities are organised. Generally riders of similar ability and/or age are grouped together.
  • You must get your attendance card signed by the Secretary. You must stay the whole day for it to be signed. This is your responsibility and it will not be signed retrospectively.

f) Wet Weather Policy:
Rally day will usually go ahead with theory work if mounted activities are impractical. If in doubt please contact one of your committee members for clarification or view the website for cancellations.
g) What the Rider Should Wear:

  • Well fitting approved helmet AS/NZS 3838
  • Reasonably smooth soled, elastic sided riding boots which meet the requirements in the Handbook.
  • Jodhpurs and Club Polo Shirt (Informal uniform)

h) What You Should Bring:
Foods for your horse, bucket for water, secure headstall and lead rope, and a rug in winter. Tack should meet Pony Club criteria, be well fitting and in good condition. You may need to check the suitability of your equipment (especially bits) before coming to rally day.
i) Lunch:
A canteen runs every rally day providing cooked food for lunch at a reasonable cost, morning tea, drinks, tea and coffee. All members are to help out in the canteen during the year.
j) Parking:
Car parking is provided near the Clubhouse. It is a requirement of Pony Club NSW that a horse free parking area be provided – therefore no horses are to be tied up on the vehicle side of the hitching rails or to floats/trucks. You are not to ride your horse in the parking areas.
k) Horse yards
Horse yards are available. You will need to provide a bucket for water.

6. Competitions

During the year there will be many competitions held which members can attend. The main type of pony club competition is the gymkhana.

The gymkhana is an opportunity for all riders to go out and compete against other riders, from other clubs. Gymkhanas usually have ring events (hacking), sporting and jumping. They are a great way for riders to get experience in competitions and build up confidence. While horses/ponies need to be plaited and presented for gymkhanas, do not let this deter you, as help is always available if you are unsure of what to do.

Entry to any competition is always completed in the same way. A couple of weeks before the competition an entry sheet is available in the club house. You need to register the rider and horse on the sheet. If the riders are not registered before the closing date, they will not be entered. If you are not at a rally day to enter, you can always email your entry to the club email address.

7. Workers/Volunteers

As you can well appreciate pony clubs are only successful with the assistance of the parents of the riders. We would all love to sit each rally day and simply watch our own child. Unfortunately, if everyone in the club took this stance, especially our instructors, nothing would be done and none of the children would get to ride. Therefore, it is particularly important that every parent of every rider pitches in, every rally day and does their bit to assist in the running of pony club. Rally day jobs include;

  • Helping in the canteen
  • Cooking the BBQ
  • Assisting to put out equipment
  • Putting equipment away
  • Packing up the club house after lunch
  • Assisting instructors especially with activities like sporting (putting flags out, timekeeping) and jumping (picking up pole when they are knocked).
8. Conduct of Riders

Pony Club is a youth organisation therefore policies of:

  • No Alcohol
  • No Smoking
  • No Swearing

apply to adults and children. Please visit to view these policies.

When Mounted:

  1. Please arrive on time. Late arrivals are disruptive and may result in being left out of a session.
  2. Be considerate of each other and especially of less experienced and younger riders when riding near them.
  3. Walk at all times unless specifically advised otherwise by an instructor.
  4. You may not leave a lesson without asking permission from the instructor.
  5. The instructor appreciates it if you thank them at the end of the lesson.
  6. You must only ride where and when advised by an instructor – definitely not around the clubhouse or the car parks.


  1. Horses are easily spooked and everyone who comes to pony club needs to be sensible around horses. Small children should be supervised at all times and are not to sit/climb on any of the railings or jumping equipment.
  2. No dogs are allowed.
  3. If a parent wishes to discuss an aspect of a lesson with an instructor, please wait until the end of the lesson.
  4. Children should be courteous and co-operative and be keen to learn and have fun. Parents should remember that Pony Club operates for the benefit of the children
9. Pony Club Rules

Safety of horse and rider is paramount in pony club. Hence there are strict rules governing most aspects of membership. These rules are designed to prevent accidents and injuries. It is in your interests to acquaint yourself with the rules as soon as possible. If in doubt, please ask a committee member or refer to the “Blue Book” (available on the PCA website

All people entering the Berrima District PC ground must adhere to the conditions of entry, work health and safety legislation and the PCA NSW Risk Management Policy.

  1. Authorised Access: Access to any area or the use of plant and equipment without authorisation is prohibited.
  2. Site Speed Limit: To reduce the risk to members, volunteers, parents and spectators a site speed limit of 10km/hr exists. All normal road rules apply within Pony Club grounds and drivers should stay alert when travelling around the site for pedestrians, horses, moving vehicles or equipment.
  3. Hazards/Incident Reporting: Any identified hazard or incidents that occur on-site are to be reported to the Club Safety Officer or Club President.
  4. Manual Handling: Picking up and packing away the jump equipment etc. is one of the potential causes of injury. Plan your lift or use mechanical aids where possible. Ask for assistance if a task is outside of your capabilities.
  5. Slips, Trips and Falls: Keep areas tidy and free from rubbish and watch for greasy, uneven or wet surfaces.
  6. Weather Exposure: Watch for changes in weather and ensure that you are using sunscreen, sunglasses and appropriate clothing when working outdoors. Take regular breaks and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  7. Aggression/Violence: Violence, aggression and/or bullying are unacceptable behaviours. PCA NSW has a zero tolerance to these behaviours, please see Associations policies. Should a threatening situation occur contact your Club or Zone MPIO.
  8. 8. Chemical Management: Hazardous substances, Chemicals and Dangerous Goods are not permitted on the grounds without prior approval from the Club Safety Officer or Committee.
  9. Gas Storage: All gas on-site is to be stored correctly.
  10. Animals: Dogs off leash are not permitted on-site. When travelling on-site be mindful of where horses may be present.
  11. Stress and Fatigue: Club Safety Officers and Committee must consult with members and volunteers to ensure that stress and fatigue doesn’t create an unsafe environment.
  12. Drugs and Alcohol: Pony Club has an alcohol policy which may be found on the Associations website or obtained via your Club contact person. Illegal drug use is not permitted and will be reported to Police if identified.
  13. Electricity: Do not use damaged electrical items and equipment, check before use. All electrical equipment is required to have a current ‘test tag’. Electrical leads on the ground may become a trip hazard.
  14. Sharps and Biological Hazards: Do not pick up syringes, bloody items of clothing or other hazardous materials. Report the situation to your Safety Officer or Committee members immediately and keep people away from the hazard.
  15. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): PPE is the least effective risk control and should be the last resort. Do not use PPE unless you are fully trained in its use, storage and maintenance.
  16. Emergency Management: Please check with your Club on emergency and evacuation procedures.
  17. Horse free areas are available for visitor car parking – please use them.
10. Communication

NEWSLETTER – The Club publishes a newsletter on a regular basis, which keeps members informed of club activities, dates of rallies and all relevant club news.

WEBSITE – The Clubs Website is updated regularly. It contains Newsletter items and valuable information including, the names and phone numbers of the committee, and other members, changes to this year’s calendar and any additional new dates. The Website is also used to tell you of up and coming working bees and changes that you need to know about. It also has the results of our riders who have been out competing, and includes the program for our coming Ribbon days and other soon to be held events. Website

MEETINGS – are held on pony club grounds on the 1st Tuesday of each month and all associate and adult members are encouraged to attend.

11. Awards/Point Score System

Details on trophies, presentation, attendance, point score – TBA

13. Club Transfer Form
14. PCANSW Member's Handbook